Haaga-Helia Business Innovation Conference

17 - 18 November 2020

HHBIC2020 is organised fully online

Welcome to join a conference on Entrepreneurship

Keynote speakers

Taru Pilvi,
Innovation Director, University of Tampere 

Paul Jones

Paul Jones, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

A warm welcome to the Haaga-Helia Business Innovation Conference (HHBIC) 2020, which is conducted ONLINE this November 17-18. The conference will focus on the topic

“Entrepreneurship for a better future”

Entrepreneurship is indisputably a force of change in society. The aim of this conference is to bring together researchers and experts from Finland and abroad to discuss the role StartUps in renewing and promoting business, how various networks advance entrepreneurial capabilities and growth, and the support of entrepreneurial learning in higher education.

HHBIC 2020 Best Paper and Best Presentation Awards

Congratulations to the Best Paper and Best Presentation Award Winners!

  1. Best paper award criteria:
  2. Full paper
    • Highest score based on the criteria (1-9) / reviewers´ evaluation
    • Theoretical framework
    • Originality & novelty
    • Structure
    • Data
    • Analysis
    • Argumentation
    • Language
    • References

Track 1: Entrepreneurial ecosystems driving success
Channarong Intahchomphoo, Odd Erik Gundersen and Christian Tschirhart: Ecosystem, education and mindset of startups in Canada's capital

Track 2 : The entrepreneurial mindset
Sirpa Lassila, Alison Rieple and Caroline Ennis: Bricolage – a mindset of resourcefulness: Stories as a vehicle for mediating means into resources

Track 3: Entrepreneurial learning in higher education
Tarja Römer-Paakkanen: Implementing JA Junior Achievement Company Program for Vocational Colleges in SENsationalSTEM project

Track 4: Other topics related to entrepreneurship
Martin Falk, Birgit Leick and Mehtap Eklund: Characteristics of entrepreneurial activities on internet-based Collaborative platforms

Best paper presentations chosen by Haaga-Helia Master Students:

Best paper presentation award criteria: Presenter's ability to convey the message

Track 1: Entrepreneurial ecosystems driving success
Johanna Koskinen, Adele Yaroulina and Christian Friedl: Building a successful Startup-Corporate collaboration - Introducing the Co-Innovation builder

Track 2: The entrepreneurial mindset
Edita Jurkonyte, Tuula Ryhänen, Pirjo Saaranen and Hannes Huttelmaier: Entrepreneurial mindset of students attending international service design week in Belgium in fall 2019

Track 3: Entrepreneurial learning in higher education
Tiina Brandt and Isaac Wanasika: Innovativeness and entrepreneurial intentions - Finland, Lithuania and USA in comparison

Track 4: Other topics related to entrepreneurship
Eran Ketter: Resilience Strategies and the Entrepreneurial Mindset. Tourism Business in the Face of COVID-19

A short summary in Finnish:
Tervetuloa marraskuussa järjestettävään soveltavan tutkimuksen HHBIC2020-virtuaalikonferenssiin teemalla Entrepreneurship for a better future. Tavoitteenamme on tuoda yhteen yrittäjyyden asiantuntijoita eri taustoista ja maista keskustelemaan aiheeseen liittyvistä ajankohtaisista tutkimuksista, ideoista ja innovaatioista. Ilmoittaudu konferenssiin 15.10.2020 mennessä.