Haaga-Helia Business Innovation Conference

24th November 2022

Twin transition: New opportunities in a digital and sustainable future

A warm welcome to the Haaga-Helia Business Innovation Conference HHBIC 2022

The Conference takes place online on Thursday, 24th November 2022

The theme for HHBIC 2022 is Twin transition: New opportunities in a digital and sustainable future.

Haaga-Helia Business Innovation Conference HHBIC is an international forum for researchers, scholars, students and practitioners to share their business-related research and innovations. The conference aims at promoting the visibility and status of applied science in the fields of entrepreneurship, service business, sales, and higher education pedagogy, and bringing together researchers of these fields for the benefit of future collaboration.

The bi-annual conference was organized first time in 2020 and the second conference will be held on 24th November 2022. The Conference is virtual.

The conference theme engages with topical challenges and solutions of twin transition – the opportunities that digital and sustainable transformations open for societies, organizations and individuals and the challenges that need to be faced when making these opportunities a reality. The theme combines digital transformation with sustainability development – two key agents for successful future of our planet. In addition to green innovation and new technologies, it is crucially important to pay attention to societal aspects, for example inclusiveness, that transformation influences.

Participate in discussion on twin transition by submitting your own extended abstract to the conference. Call for papers is closed.

A short summary in Finnish:

Tervetuloa 24.11.2022 järjestettävään virtuaaliseen soveltavan tutkimuksen HHBIC2022-konferenssiin teemalla Twin transition: New opportunities in a digital and sustainable future. Tavoitteenamme on tuoda yhteen eri alojen asiantuntijoita ja tutkijoita keskustelemaan aiheeseen liittyvistä ajankohtaisista tutkimuksista, ideoista ja innovaatioista. Tule mukaan kuulemaan uusimpia tutkimustuloksia ja ilmoittaudu mukaan.