Review process

Submitted extended abstracts will be evaluated by the HHBIC Scientific committee.

ESignals Research Review process for full papers

For submitted full papers the review process is open, which means that author information is visible to reviewers and reviewer information is visible to author(s). The process is the following:

  • The submission is submitted via with the author(s) receiving automatic receipt of submission.
  • Desk reject is used, i.e. if the editorial board does not recommend sending the paper for review, the editor-in-chief may decide not to send the submission for review.
  • The editorial board chooses two reviewers to the submission and sends the submission for open review. If necessary, the editorial board will ask for author to suggest reviewers.
  • The reviewers give their statement on the submission in by following the instructions for reviewers and using the eSignals Research review evaluation form.
  • The editorial board considers the review statements and makes the final decision on the acceptance of the submission for eSignals Research.
  • The authors (excluding haaga-helia staff) will be sent a publishing agreement for signing.
  • eSignals Special Issue on Twin transition will be published in December 2022.

Other information related to the eSignals Research review process

  • Haaga-Helia (the publisher) will keep electronic records of key review information and documents relating to the submissions accepted for the review process. The data will include:
    • the publication proposal by the authors
    • opinions given by the reviewers (the review form)
    • decisions on the publication made by the editors and sent to the authors
  • Haaga-Helia is committed to providing TSV or TENK with the details and documents related to an individual submission if asked to do so.
  • Haaga-Helia will print the peer-review label provided by TSV on articles that have been quality assured. Given that all eSignals Research papers are peer reviewed, the label will be printed to refer to the entire volume.

Criteria for the reviewer selection

  • The reviewers are PhD level researchers or other expert parties external to the editing board and independent in relation to the submission to be reviewed. The process is carried out openly.
  • The process focuses on the comprehensiveness of the material, on mastery the of the theoretical framework, on the reliability and accuracy of the research implementation as well as on the originality and novelty of the results in relation to earlier research, in line with the standards of the discipline in question.
  • The publisher must send the referees’ comments to the author(s) of the submission.
  • When applying for the label, the publishers also undertake to promote, in their own publishing activities, the principles of the peer-review instructions issued by the Finnish Association of Scholarly Publishing (in Finnish only) as well as the guidelines for the responsible conduct of research published by the Advisory Board on Research Integrity.

Instructions for reviewers and review form

About eSignals Research

eSignals Research has been granted the right to use the peer-reviewed label registered by the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies (TSV). The label indicates that the peer review of articles published in eSignals Research have been performed in line with the quality and ethical criteria set by the academic community. You can read more about the label.

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