Welcome to join a conference on Entrepreneurship

Keynote speakers

Taru Pilvi, Innovation director, University of Tampere 
Paul Jones
Paul Jones, professor  of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

A warm welcome to the Haaga-Helia Business Innovation Conference (HHBIC) 2020, which is conducted ONLINE this November 17th-18th. We are happy to tell that we will organise the conference despite the challenges and cancellations due to Covid19. The conference will focus on the topic

“Entrepreneurship for a better future”

Entrepreneurship is indisputably a force of change in society. Thus, the aim of this conference is to bring together researchers from different backgrounds and countries to discuss the role StartUps hold in renewing and promoting business, the kinds of individuals and teams that foster various forms of entrepreneurship, and the support of entrepreneurial learning in higher education.

We are happy to inform you that we are now accepting THREE different types of contributions to this conference: abstract (500-1000 words), extended abstract (1500-2000 words) and full paper (8-25 pages). The deadline for the paper submission is until June 30. Researchers are invited to submit papers for presentations on the following four themes:
– Entrepreneurial ecosystems driving success
– Entrepreneurial mindset
– Entrepreneurial learning in higher education
– Other Topics

Selected contributions will be published in the digital conference proceedings.

A short summary in Finnish:
Tervetuloa marraskuussa järjestettävään soveltavan tutkimuksen HHBIC2020-virtuaalikonferenssiin teemalla Entrepreneurship for a better future. Tavoitteenamme on tuoda yhteen yrittäjyyden asiantuntijoita eri taustoista ja maista keskustelemaan aiheeseen liittyvistä ajankohtaisista tutkimuksista, ideoista ja innovaatioista. Teemoja on tarjolla neljä ja niihin voi osallistua kolmen eri tason paperilla, joita otamme vastaan 30. kesäkuuta saakka. Odotamme innolla ja mielenkiinnolla panostasi – parhaat paperit ja esitykset palkitaan konferenssin aikana!

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